Our Professional Staff

Our Mobility Managers

A Mobility Manager is a transportation and companion specialist who provides “door through door” service and manages each individual’s specific transportation needs. By first understanding each individual’s needs, mobility managers are then better able to communicate clearly, effectively, patiently and compassionately with older adults and their families. Mobility managers are able to help clients, their families and their caregivers schedule our services as conveniently as possible, as well as help to identify changes in both physical and mental health to help monitor and maintain continuity of care. Above all, a Mobility Manager focuses on creating or enhancing each SR riders experience.

  • Extensive Background Checks: All Mobility Managers are carefully selected, checking references and performing a criminal background check.
  • Extensive Training: In addition to meeting our pre-qualifications, all Mobility Managers will also complete our training program in order to ensure that they are more than capable to address the specific needs of aging adults. They will have completed the New Mexico Health Care Association Transportation & Passenger Assistance Training Program, First Aide and CPR certification conducted by the Red Cross, as well as receive specific training in addressing the transportation needs of individuals living with Alzheimer’s Disease or other types of Dementia.